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My sculpture is an expression of the banal, symbolically representing my memories, life experiences, and relationships. I make life-sized ceramic installations that recreate everyday objects and arrange them so that they visually communicate familiar environments. Producing these familiar settings is a way for me to investigate my own life, and create a dialogue about universality and content in the everyday.


Most Americans live in similar environments. The furniture of our lives has an influential and intimate role in each of our interactions and experiences.  Our environments and the memories of them, create our individuality as well as our disturbing similarity. They represent both comfort and unease, and portray the dynamic of our particular time and place in history. In my work, this dynamic freezes the temporary through the extreme permanence of ceramic sculpture. 

Installation view of “The American Dream in Terra Cotta”, 2010, 16 x 20ft room Terra Cotta & wood,

Solo-exhibition at Grand Central Fine Arts Center, Santa Ana, CA 

Installation view of “Turntables” 2009, Acrylic paint, stoneware & wood, 7 x2 x7ft (HxWxD)

Exhibited in Saddleback College & Chaffey College faculty exhibitions 

Installation view “Ida’s Room & the Sequential Rubber Duck” 2008, Acrylic paint & stoneware, 16 x10ft room

Exhibited at McGroarty Fine Arts Center, Tujunga, CA 

Installation view of “All I Need”, 2009

Terra cotta, fabric & wood, 10 x 6ft room

Exhibited in Explorations OC

Artery Gallery Costa Mesa, CA 

Installation view of “Nightstand”, 2010

Soda-fired stoneware and found objects, 5ft h

100 Artists See Satan Exhibition
Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA 

Installation view of “Generation Z, the New Silent Generation”, 2014, 10 x 8ft room

Acrylic paint, stoneware & found object,

Solo-exhibition at Costal Eddy, Laguna Beach, CA 

Installation view of “Living Room” 

2003, Wood-fired stoneware & wood

Couch- 6 x2 x3ft, Laz-e-boy- 2 x2 x4ft, TV- 3 x2 x2.5ft

MFA Thesis Exhibition 

Installation view of “Bar”
2003, Wood-fired stoneware & wood, 6 x8 x 7ft

MFA Thesis Exhibition 

Installation view of “Bedroom”
2003, Wood-fired stoneware & wood, Bed- 6 x4 x2ft, Nightstand- 5 x2 x2ft

MFA Thesis Exhibition 

Installation view of “Barbecue & Cooler”

2003, Wood-fired stoneware, BBQ- 36”h, Cooler- 20”h

MFA Thesis Exhibition 

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