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Teaching Professional - NTI

Developing as a Professional Educator

My original ILP goal for the year was to grow as an educator and reach the next level in each of the six TPE’s/ CSTP self-assessment categories. After a year in the classroom and reflecting upon my experience, I feel as though I reached this goal. 

TPE’s / CSTP Self-Assessment Categories

  1. Engaging and supporting all student in learning

  2. Creating and Maintaining effective environments for learning

  3. Understanding and organizing subject matter for student learning

  4. Planning instruction and designing learning experiences for all students

  5. Assessing students for learning

  6. Developing as a professional educator

Growth Chart.jpg

Levels of Mastery






Comparing CSTP Self-Assessments 

My original assessment placed my mastery levels as exploring in the majority of the categories with a few exceptions of applying. My identified strengths were in creating and maintaining effective environments for learning and understanding and organizing subject matter for student learning. Now, my level of mastery is mostly a mix between applying and integrating. And interestingly, my identified strengths have shifted to assessing student learning and developing as a professional educator.

In what ways have you surprised yourself?

This first year of teaching high school has been filled with surprises, from the amazing personalities of my students to situations and events I had never dreamt of or could ever plan for. A skill that surprisingly came easy to me was my ability to adapt, be fluid and modify lesson plans at a moment’s notice. I feel that no matter how well organized and thought-out my lesson- plans are, due to circumstances out of my control the lessons got thrown out the window as soon as I set foot on campus. On those days, I was able to think on my feet, rearrange content and deliver a lesson that was meaningful and productive. 

A Professional goal you have for yourself beyond induction?

Beyond clearing my credential and attaining tenure, a professional goal of mine is to promote the artwork of my talented students through local Art exhibitions and juried competitions. This achieves to goals. First, it assists students with entrance to University and increases opportunity for individual artistic scholarship. Second, it brings local recognition of achievement to the Visual Arts Department, Marina High School and HBUHSD.

What actions will you take to achieve your goal?

My first action is to document student success with quality digital photos and help each Marina Art student create and build a professional style visual arts portfolio. Second is to encourage exhibition via local and regional juried competitions, organizing independent Art events and participating in other school outreach programming so we may share our Visual Art talents with the community. 

How will you assess goal attainment?

Success and progress towards my goal can be measure in two ways. First, is the number of exhibitions, and community outreach events Marina students participated in a given year. Second, is the number of art students admitted to university Art programs each year. As these two numbers increase and expand, so too will the student’s success with university admittance and positive reputation of Marina’s Visual Arts department. 

What actions can you take to remain a connected educator throughout your career?

In order to sustain connectivity as an educator and maintain enthusiasm about Art, I feel it is critically important that I remain active as an artist, art patron and engaged in Art organizations. To accomplish this, I need to regularly attend art openings and museum exhibitions, participate in educational conferences and panel discussions, read journals and art magazines and create my own artwork. It also means communicating and collaborating with fellow Visual Arts Teachers at Marina and HBUHSD.  

What can you do personally and professionally, to sustain the energy it takes to be passionate about students, teaching, and learning? 

The concept of balance is such a simple thing, yet in reality it can be very difficult to achieve. In order for me to be my best self (Teaching Professional, Husband, Father, Artist, Friend, Brother, Son, Surfer, Skater), I need to practice self-love and designate time for the aspects of life that fill my cup. Making this my priority is the key. If one of these identities of my psyche start to feel neglected than it has a negative ripple effect on all of them and I am not at my best. 

What advice do you have for new teachers entering the profession?

The best advice I could give a new teacher is to be consistently authentic, compassionate and to be direct with your content. Students can spot fake from miles away, but will respond and engage with all personality types when they are being consistently real. Always be compassionate, because your students are dealing with every difficult situation society has to offer. Remember that you are not there to fool anyone, do not write trick questions, be as direct with the content as possible and students will amaze you with their ability to retain and express knowledge.  

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