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Teaching Professional - NTI

Impact on Student Success

Over the course of this year I have had opportunities to experiment with a variety of new teaching strategies and assistive technologies. The induction cycles process along with my coach Chris Long, were instrumental in initiating these experiments which ultimately resulted in greater student success. 

Specific Example: 

Cycle – 4  

2.2 Creating physical and virtual learning environments that promotes student learning, reflect diversity and encourage constructive and productive interactions among students

I wanted to find a way to use technology to interact, engage and communicate with students outside of our scheduled class-time. Up until this point, I had never used the discussion board platform on Canvas. The typical homework I assigned was artistic research, ideating, or vocabulary. I thought the discussion board platform would facilitate a new type of engagement with students, get them thinking about Art in their home environments and how it relates to their individual culture. 

Student's Discussion Posts


At first, I was disappointed. I wanting to see deep, passionate philosophical discussions about Art and life. Then, after a moment of reflection, a meeting with my coach Chris and re-reading some posts, I saw the exactly what I was hoping for. Students held introspective dialogues with classmates. Classmates provided students with alternative insights and perspectives while also promoting appreciation for a variety of art and culture. Additionally, students showcased their knowledge and understanding of many of the Art concepts covered in class, like the elements and principles of design. The students were completely successful and I was too.

Statement from an Educational Leader

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jon Ginnaty since August of 2019. Over the course of the school year, I have observed Jon both as an Art teacher and as a Ceramics teacher at Marina High School. He has brought a great deal of experience to our Visual and Performing Arts team, coming from teaching at the community college levels in California. He has many great strengths and qualities about him as an individual, as well as a teacher. One strength that I would like to highlight is Jon’s capacity to utilize technology as a teaching tool in the classroom. Jon comfortably uses a video camera daily to demonstrate art techniques or the lesson of the week. He projects these images up onto the overhead screen so that all of his students can follow along with him. Jon also takes the time to create interactive video presentations and lessons that his students find valuable and engaging. Some examples of assignments that he has created are discussion boards that are used as a springboard for talking about art, as well as Google slide presentations, where students show their understanding of the Elements & Principles of Design. While we have been doing Distance Learning from home, Jon has created some engaging lessons online where students can easily complete the projects without any trouble. I look forward to working with Jon for many years to come."

Michelle L. Dziadkowicz           

Art & Ceramics Teacher            

Marina High School            

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