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Teaching Professional - NTI

CSTP Growth & Development

What are your areas of strength? 

My greatest strength has always been my knowledge of Art and my ability to engage and create meaningful relationships with students. I am authentically interested in forming reciprocal relationships with my students where we both feel comfortable exchanging information and ideas. Forming these relationships with multiple students in a classroom setting, creates a dynamic and enriching environment that fosters community learning and the exploration of Art concepts.  

Where are your opportunities for continuous improvement? 

Every day in every class, students provide me with an opportunity to improve my skills as a teacher. Whether meaning to or not, students always present a challenge. The classroom experience consistently creates opportunities for experimentation, alterations and refinement in lessons, lesson planning, teaching strategies, and assistive technology. It is a unique space that allows me to explore, research and test hypothesizes while receiving instantaneous feedback and results. 

How have you changed? 

This year has taught me many valuable lessons and as a teacher I have changed in many positive ways. The most noticeable change to my teaching practice is the pacing of content. Coming from the college level, I was accustomed the racing through content and now at the high school level, I am afforded the time to allow content to saturate my students. I don’t feel as rushed to get to the next project/concept and I am more interested in helping student’s reach their fullest potential in quality of artwork and understanding of concepts.

What are you most proud of?

Without a doubt, I am most proud of the rewarding relationships I have formed with my students and the success they have had in expressing their individuality and creativity through Art. Creativity is gift that is within us all, providing the permission for students to unleash, embrace, and explore it, is all my pleasure. I have thoroughly enjoyed engaging, instructing, and playing a meaningful role in each of these young adults’ high school experience.   

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