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My Favorite Web-based Resources

I have used this artist database as a research tool for years and I find to be incredibly valuable. This past year I had my students create a google slide presentation on the elements and principles of design. They were required to pair one element (Line, Shape, Form, Color, etc…)  and one principle (Harmony, Contrast, Balance, Emphasis, etc…), then find an artwork that demonstrated that pairing. Students were also to include a 50-word explanation of how the artist incorporated the element to create the visual principle. This website can also be used for inspiration, technique examples or compare and contrast assignments. There is a wonderful range of artwork on this site and in addition to the images the site host art conferences and panel discussions as well. Well worth an exploration.  

My coach Chirs Long turned me on to this tool and I love it. I will never make a boring old image presentation again. Peardeck allows you to integrate interactive slides in your presentations and give voice to even the shyest of your students. Checking for understanding has never been so efficient and effective. If you use lots of image and content presentations, PowerPoint, or Google slides, you must give this a try.  

This tool makes communicating with parents and students so simple and easy. Through-out the year I make announcements regarding fundraising goals, exhibition opportunities, classroom house cleaning and sharing success stories with my parent group. Parnetsquare facilitates these communications so that parents get information at their designated email address and chosen time preference. I feel this is an essential tool for teaching in the digital age. 

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